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Wave Energy Theory

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Basic Concepts

1. Third-Person Investment Theory

2. The Powers that Move Markets

3. Wave Energy Theory

  (1) Wave Principle

  (2) Moving Averages

  (3) Stochastics

4. How to Use Stochastics

  (1) Combining Stochastics and the Wave Principle

  (2) Combining Stochastics and Moving Averages


Application Methods

5. Market Dynamics Analysis

  (1) Uptrend Analysis

  (2) Downtrend Analysis

  (3) Short-Term Inflection (Trend Reversal) Analysis

  (4) Analysis for Short Selling at Inflection Points

  (5) Analysis for Buying on Margin at Inflection Points


How-to Tips

6. Strong Trend-Reversal Patterns of Stochastics

7. How to Interpret Irregular Stochastic Patterns

8. How to Spot Wave One

9. Reference Chart Selection

10. Spotting Retracements (or Corrections) Accurately

11. Overcoming the Limitations of Wave Energy Theory

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